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You've done the hard work, and now it is time to receive the recognition! Through the voluntary land trust accreditation program your land trust can have external verification that it is meeting national quality standards.

Preparing and applying for first-time accreditation will take a significant commitment of time from the board and staff (if applicable). Each land trust should consider when it would be most appropriate for their organization to apply for accreditation and balance accreditation with their other program activities. In many cases this may mean incorporating accreditation into a long-term strategic plan and/or planning to apply after more immediate organizational or program needs are met.

To get started, read the Applicant Handbook then visit the links below or use the navigation bar to your left to access additional materials:

Note: Land trusts that submit an application in 2014 will have a decision from the Commission no earlier than 2015, as the process takes 8-10 months from the time the application is submitted. Please factor this into your planning process.


Applicant Handbook: Road Map to the Accreditation Process

If your organization is preparing for accreditation and looking for a road map, start with the Applicant Handbook! The Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the accreditation process with information on eligibility and readiness, tips for getting started, how to complete the application, and more!

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