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Accreditation Fees


The accreditation fee structure is designed to provide a fair and affordable opportunity for land trusts of all sizes to participate in the accreditation program and to support a program that builds strong land trusts, fosters public trust in land conservation and helps ensure the permanence of land conservation. The accreditation fee consists of a registration fee and an application fee.

Fees for an application round are typically announced in the spring of the previous year. For information on accreditation fees, please select the accreditation fee schedule below for the year in which you plan to apply. The fee schedule also includes information on time and other costs applicants may incur as part of the accreditation preparation and review process.

Accreditation Fee Schedule for First-Time Accreditation and Renewal


Frequently Asked Questions

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“The Land Trust knew accreditation was an important mark of distinction that would move it to the next level of professionalism. What we didn’t expect was the innovations that came out of the process and how exciting and rewarding the work was when it finally all came together.”

– Patricia Powell, Whidbey Camano Land Trust executive director