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Applicant Handbook


acc_applicant_handbook_cover-2012If your organization wants to prepare for first-time or renewal of accreditation, the Applicant Handbook is a must-read. The Handbook, last revised May 2012, accompanies the application for accreditation and is a comprehensive guide to the accreditation process. The Handbook includes information on eligibility and readiness, tips for getting started, how to complete the application, what to expect once an organization has applied, and Commission policies and procedures. Download the Applicant Handbook .

To help better prepare first-time accreditation applicants for the process, the Commission released three sample documents you might expect to receive during the accreditation process. The first is a sample agenda for the applicant’s call with the Commission review team; the second is a sample follow-up letter requesting additional information (this letter is typically sent within a few weeks after the call); and the third is a sample award letter to a newly accredited land trust, including expectations for improvement. These documents are not intended to reflect the length of actual call agendas, follow-up letters or award letters, but are intended to show questions, requests and expectations that have appeared in actual documents. View the sample documents (PDF):