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Expectations for Improvement


"Expectations for Improvement" (EFI) may be issued by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission to an accredited land trust as part of the accreditation award letter or through the compliance confirmation process. Expectations are used to foster continuous learning and quality improvement when the Commission determines that an organization needs to do additional work to fully comply with one or more elements of an indicator practice. Read Frequently Asked Questions about EFIs. To  see trends on commonly issued EFI’s, please see the 2014 Report on Expectations for Improvement. For information on the elements the Commission evaluates for every indicator practice, please download and read the Accreditation Requirements Manual: A Land Trust’s Guide to Understanding Key Elements of Accreditation.

Each month in 2012 the Commission introduced a commonly issued EFI and discussed factors that might result in an EFI at accreditation. Since renewing land trusts need to show that they have met any EFIs they received at first-time accreditation, we also discussed documentation accredited land trusts might provide at renewal to show how the expectation was addressed.

Common Expectations for Improvement

Note that each accredited land trust is expected to comply with all of the accreditation indicator practices and to maintain documentation of compliance throughout its accreditation term, to conduct periodic assessments against the full set of Land Trust Standards and Practices and to use them as a guide for the organization, to stay aware of and demonstrate compliance with current program requirements (as identified in the Commission’s Requirements Manual), and to abide by the terms of the Accreditation Agreement submitted at the time of pre-application.