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Requirements Manual

About the Requirements Manual

The Land Trust Accreditation Commission is very pleased to provide the the Accreditation Requirements Manual: A Land Trust’s Guide to Understanding Key Elements of Accreditation as a resource to help applicants and accredited land trusts be successful in the accreditation process. This comprehensive manual augments and replaces the information previously published in the Commission’s Guidance Documents and in prior editions. It provides, all in one manual, information on the elements the Commission evaluates for every indicator practice.

First introduced in 2012, the manual is based on Land Trust Standards and Practices and the evolving field of land conservation as well as the Commission’s experience in reviewing more than 300 applications for land trust accreditation. The manual will be reviewed annually and will:

  • Enable applicants to submit stronger applications for accreditation.
  • Help provide predictability in the requirements.
  • Maximize staff and volunteer resources of applicants and the Commission.

While each applicant must meet the requirements of each indicator practice, the Commission evaluates each applicant’s approach in the context of the other materials presented in the application to balance individual differences and circumstances with consistency and fairness.

Providing Feedback

The Commission welcomes feedback on the Requirements Manual at any time from the land trust community and other stakeholders. The intent is to review the Requirements Manual annually; comments are most useful by October to ensure that they are considered as part of the review process. In considering changes, the committee and the Commission evaluate the following:

  • Whether the change is consistent with Land Trust Standards and Practices, Alliance materials, and/or any external publications (such as Internal Revenue Service publications).
  • Whether the change can be verified and measured.
  • What impact the change will have on the land trust community and Commission.