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The Commission strives to provide informational and training opportunities to land trusts that are pursuing accreditation on topics ranging from how to prepare an effective and complete application to how to meet the documentation requirements for the indicator practices. Some of these opportunities are provided in person (at Rally: The National Land Conservation Conference and at regional land trust conferences) but most are provided online via webinars and conference calls. Whether you are already registered to apply or are just learning about the accreditation program, we hope to provide useful information on the program through these activities and to provide an opportunity for you to ask your burning questions. We also welcome your ideas; please send suggestions for future informational and training topics to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

It is important to note that the Commission's training opportunities generally focus on the accreditation processes (as described in the Applicant Handbook) and documenting your organization's implementation of the indicator practices (as described in the Requirements Manual). The Land Trust Alliance's training opportunities are more vast and diverse, providing people involved in conservation work with opportunities to advance their success through unique learning and networking programs in communities all across the country. The Alliance's training focuses on all of the practices from Land Trust Standards and Practices (not just the indicator practices) in addition to convening land trusts for training and learning about other, cutting edge topics.

See below for live events and webinars that are presented by the Commission.

In-person Events

There are no in-person events scheduled at this time.

Scheduled Webinars and Conference Calls

Webinars are workshops on the web; they allow participants to view a slideshow over the internet while also participating in a conference call. All you need to participate is a phone line and a reliable internet connection.

No webinars or conference calls are scheduled at this time.

Visit the Land Trust Alliance's website for more upcoming webinars and workshops »

Webinars Available On Demand

The Commission has recorded a number of webinars that are available on demand. Each webinar is about 60 minutes and consists of a narrated PowerPoint presentation that can be advanced or replayed as needed. Viewers can also see the text chat history of each webinar and see the responses to some commonly asked questions. Select any topic of interest to you, below, to get started. 

Introduction to Accreditation

This webinar is a basic introduction to the land trust accreditation program. It’s designed for people who really are not that familiar with accreditation and are just starting to think about if accreditation might be right for their land trust. This webinar is also useful for people who work with land trusts, such as public agencies or municipalities, to learn more about the program in general.

Watch and listen to the recorded presentation »

First-Time Accreditation Process In Depth: The Pre-Application

This webinar will focus on the pre-application process for first-time accreditation. Each element of the pre-application will be discussed, including the pre-application questionnaire, the Land Conservation Project Lists, the Schedule of Dedicated and Restricted Funds, and the public notice process. We will walk you through the pre-application process and offer tips on preparing a well-organized pre-application that effectively communicates your readiness to submit a complete application for accreditation. Individuals who have read the Applicant Handbook will find this webinar useful.

Watch and listen to the recorded presentation »

First-Time Accreditation Process In Depth: The Application

This webinar focuses on the application process for first-time accreditation. Each element of the application process is discussed, including completing and submitting the application questionnaire, project documentation checklists, and assembling an application with all attachments; an overview of the application process and what to expect once your application has been submitted; and resources that are available to help you prepare. It is designed for people planning to prepare an application for accreditation. Participants should be familiar with the purpose of accreditation and the general process and may have read the Applicant Handbook.

Watch and listen to the recorded presentation »

Connecting the Dots: How to Help Your Application Tell Your Story

As a land trust registered to apply for first-time accreditation in 2015, you have a special opportunity. The Commission has just created a new webinar to help applicants document some of the required and additional elements of the practices. We have seen where applicants have had trouble providing sufficient documentation in their application and are ready to share  tips on how to address those common problems.

Watch and listen to the recorded presentation »

Voices of Experience: Learn about the First-Time Accreditation Process from Accredited Land Trusts

Learn about accreditation from land trusts that have been through the program in this webinar designed for organizations that are actively preparing for accreditation. Representatives from accredited land trusts will talk about how they prepared to apply for accreditation and relate their experiences going through the accreditation process. This webinar is presented in a manner that participants should already be familiar with the accreditation process and are preparing their organization’s application.

Watch and listen to the recorded presentation »

Revised Requirements Manual and First-Time Accreditation

Whether you recently submitted an application for first-time accreditation, or are planning to register for 2015 or beyond, this webinar is for you! Receive an overview of the changes to the Requirements Manual as they relate to first-time accreditation.

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View a PDF of the presentation slides »

Exploring the Requirements Manual and Accreditation Requirements for First-Time and Renewal of Accreditation

Do you have questions about interpreting accreditation requirements as they relate to Land Trust Standards and Practices? Then this webinar is for you. Get an overview of the Commission’s Requirements Manual and find out  how your land trust can best implement the practices for success in accreditation. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to use the Requirements Manual, including what they need to do to implement and document compliance with a sampling of the indicator practices.

Watch and listen to the recorded presentation »

The Accreditation Renewal Process: A Primer and Requirements 

Is your land trust accredited and thinking ahead toward renewal? Then this webinar is for you! A representative from the Land Trust Accreditation Commission provides an overview of the renewal of accreditation process as outlined in the revised Applicant Handbook. The presenter also provides an overview of the online renewal application system (based on content in the companion User Manual) and briefly explores how accredited land trusts might implement and document  indicator practices for the purposes of renewal. Attend this webinar for important highlights and tips you can use, and have your questions answered as they relate to the renewal of accreditation process.

Webinar recording coming soon.

Revised Requirements Manual and Renewal of Accreditation

Whether you recently submitted an application for renewal of accreditation, are slated to renew in 2015 or later, or were just accredited, this webinar is for you! Receive an overview of the changes to the Requirements Manual as they relate to renewal of accreditation, and have your questions answered during this webinar hosted by the Commission.

Watch and listen to the recorded presentation »
View a PDF of the presentation slides »