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Where to Go for Help


Commission Materials:

Land Trust Alliance Resources


The Land Trust Alliance has developed an affordable curriculum related to Land Trust Standards and Practices with special focus on the accreditation indicator practices. Study can be done online, in person, or with a consultant. Find out more.

The Alliance also offers workshops, seminars, and courses through the Land Conservation Leadership Program, Rally: The National Land Conservation Conference, and Regional Conferences. See the Alliance's Training homepage for more details. For land conservation community events, visit the Alliance’s datebook of events.

The Learning Center

This is the place to go if you want to hone your conservation skills and grow your organization to its full potential. And it's free to Land Trust Alliance members. At the Learning Center, you can:

  • Learn all the essentials for land conservation
  • Take courses on Land Trust Standards and Practices or prepare for accreditation
  • Design your own learning path on topics such as Governance, Strong Organizations, Land Protection, and Stewardship
  • “Ask The Experts” in moderated forums, and
  • Access reference materials in the conservation library (formerly LTAnet)

The Learning Center also contains archives of Exchange going back to 1996, the new Saving Land magazine, presentations from conferences, as well as numerous other documents, publications, worksheets, and more. Visit the Learning Center.

Saving Land Magazine

The Alliance’s magazine, entitled Saving Land, is the nation's leading land conservation magazine. Available as a member benefit when you join the Land Trust Alliance, the quarterly magazine offers in-depth stories on the latest land conservation issues, innovations and trends. The magazine also features columns on accreditation, fundraising, board tips, profiles of conservation leaders, resources and timely news, to help you save land even better. From the technical to the inspirational, Saving Land magazine presents not just the "how" of what we do, but also the "why."

Expert Link

Expert Link is the Alliance’s online directory in which members of the land trust community can seek out professional assistance from Alliance-member companies. Expert Link is divided into three categories for quick and easy access to a professional partner that best suits your needs.


The Alliance offers an extensive selection of publications for land trust practioners. A sample of the selection offered is below:

  • Appraising Easements
  • The Conservation Easement Handbook
  • Doing Deals
  • Federal Tax Law
  • Land Trust Standards and Practices

See the complete catalog.


The Land Trust Listserv is an electronic mailing list of individuals interested in land trust matters, and a great place to discuss and learn about land conservation issues. Anyone can post questions and find out about other land trusts' experiences, while Alliance members and partners have access to the archive on LTAnet.

State Service Centers

Land trust service centers - also known as councils, service bureaus, coalitions, alliances, and compacts - work closely with the Land Trust Alliance and land trusts to deliver services and technical assistance that strengthen local and regional organizations that conserve open space. Visit http://www.lta.org/resources/service_centers.htm to find a service center in your region.

For more information or to ask questions, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 518-587-3143.