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Why Accreditation Matters


Accreditation provides public recognition of land trusts that are engaged in the long-term protection of the land in the public interest. It increases public awareness of, and confidence in, land trusts and land conservation.

Land trusts use the accreditation application process as a way to fine-tune their policies and streamline their operations. The Commission conducts an extensive review of the application and grants accreditation - and the right to use the accreditation seal - to land trusts that meet the practices.

The accreditation seal is a mark of distinction in land conservation. It recognizes organizations for meeting national standards for excellence, upholding the public trust and ensuring that conservation efforts are permanent.

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“The success of every charity depends on public trust, and this is especially important for the land conservation groups that handle billions each year in tax incentives, public funds, and charitable gifts. The new land trust accreditation program gives land trusts, like universities, hospitals, and museums, the opportunity to be publicly recognized for their excellence and ethics. I have been impressed at how quickly this program has won the confidence of Congress and the IRS, and I commend the Land Trust Alliance for serving as a national model for self-regulation.'"

— Diana Aviv, President and CEO, Independent Sector


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